Barre resident has questions about Water District No. 10

Posted 15 September 2023 at 2:44 pm


I live in the Town of Barre Water District #10 and was able to attend the latest Town Board meeting held earlier this week.

I was able to speak. I was, however, unable to formulate appropriate questions,  public speaking not being my forte. Had I been able to, frankly I’m not sure if the answers would have been forthcoming.

My questions are, as follows:

1. How much will the water table plummet in the Town of Barre when water is pumped out of the fields for the footers/foundations or any subterranean structure of the turbines?

2. Were the ditches and streams cleared not because of dead ash trees but for the turbines?

3. Did property owners put tile lines in their properties in anticipation of controlling the water?

4. How are the STAMP project, the Iroquois Wildlife Refuge, and the Town of Barre connected?

5. Did FEMA change the flood plain map in anticipation of someone other the Mother Nature controlling the water in Barre?

Numerous issues surrounding water in the Town  of Barre have reached critical mass. Residents can no longer muddle through life thinking that the Town of Barre has all of us in their thoughts and prayers. We are in their crosshairs.

Kris Welles