Barre officials want a host agreement with maximum benefit for town

Posted 27 June 2019 at 3:37 pm


To the residents of the Town of Barre, I just wish to inform you of a get-together that took place on June 24, between representatives from Heritage Wind and the town.

The purpose of this discussion was to go over concerns on a reimbursement agreement and further discussion about a host agreement.  We held a public workshop on May 29 where we as a board went through and discussed the host agreement line by line. We inserted a number of changes we as a town wished to have in the language.

On the 24th, myself, a town board member and the town attorney met with representatives of Heritage Wind. The whole purpose was to discuss many issues that we had from our May 29th workshop and to clarify some of the draft host agreement language. Is it finished? No, there will need to be more discussions.

This discussion centered on the language of the host agreement. There was minor discussion about host fees that would be paid to the community.

As was indicated who was in attendance, there was no quorum and the discussion was held in full compliance of Municipal Law. We as your elected officials are working very hard for everyone in this community to ensure that Barre gets the best results if and when wind turbines come to town.

Sean P. Pogue, Ed.D.

Barre Town Supervisor