Barre blessed with some nice old barns

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 3 December 2013 at 12:00 am

Photos by Tom Rivers – This barn is on Sheeler Road out in the mucklands.

This barn is on Oak Orchard Road, not far from Route 98. The corn crop was recently harvested.

BARRE – Orleans Hub is going to have 2014 calendar available soon. We have all the pictures lined up and ready to go, but I thought we could improve one of the winters months.

So earlier today I set out on a mission: get a photo of a barn with some snow. I had a feeling something special was waiting for me in Barre. I headed out towards to the muck, taking Oak Orchard Road with a short detour on Angevine Road.

A barn and its neighbor have been fixtures along Angevine Road.

I took this looking through a culvert along Transit Road. There’s a barn in the background.

Barre is the most rural town in Orleans County. It includes muckland and many current and former dairy farms. Barre is a gold mine for rustic old barns. The town signs proclaims that Barre is “A Right To Farm Community.”

I think I got what we wanted for the calendar and I’m not revealing that image today. But I’ve included several others that have loomed large on the landscape for many years.

This barn is still standing on Oak Orchard Road close to the Angevine Road intersection.

These drainage pipes escort water off the muck and into a drainage ditch that runs along Transit Road. This was taken at the intersection with Sheelar Road.

A barn is the background and cattails are in the foreground in this photo taken from what appeared to be an unnamed dirt road off Transit Road.