Barre group working to inform community about wind energy project

Posted 22 May 2018 at 9:21 am


KNOW YOUR FACTS USA gave a presentation regarding the PROS and CONS of wind turbines on April 28. We were surprised that you did not attend to cover this very controversial topic. You are always most welcome at all our events.

The event was vital to all the community. After many hours of reviewing countless studies by committee members the only way to not divide the community are 2,500 to 3,000-foot setbacks from structures. This solution would allow for the turbines giving the farmer financial assistance and keep human and animal life safe.

There were many slides at the beginning of the presentation that explained APEX/Heritage Wind LLC relationship and about the assets the project would bring to the community, how the financial income would be distributed. Bright Orange Posters also explained the Assets Item in full detail. This information was given to KNOW YOUR FACTS USA by Heritage Wind Project.

If any person has other pro information they want reviewed, please email to or mail to C/O RANCO Management Inc. PO Box 89 Albion NY 14411. Consideration for poster and slides creation of your material will be considered for our upcoming shows. Anyone with a health or other issue is all so welcome to send info to our organization for the same consideration.

Let us all think about correct setbacks and live in harmony.

KNOW YOUR FACTS USA is a citizen awareness organization, educating citizens on critical issues in unbiased process.

We thank Congressman Chris Collins for the presence of his representative George Mc Nerney, Senator Robert Ortt for the presence of his representative Josh Veronica, and Assemblyman Steve Hawley for the presence of his representative Eileen Banker

Robin Nacca