Barre election results in November shouldn’t be viewed as a community in favor of turbines

Posted 11 May 2020 at 11:18 am


I am getting tired of some Barre Town Board members and another individual at the town meetings saying that the majority of the Barre’s residents support the wind turbine project due to the election results.

The election was not a referendum on the turbine project. The results of the survey and petitions demonstrate that equating the election with approval of the turbine project would be false. Copies of the survey cards and petition were sent to the NYS Sitting Board to be made part of the official record.

Is it not time that we put a stop to this project due to the health risks it may pose to our residents? Haven’t we as a community already seen enough death and devastation from the coronavirus?

We know the turbines will affect the appearance of our serene and tranquil surroundings and have a negative impact on the wildlife. Are your politicians going to gamble with your health for a few dollars? Wind turbine syndrome is real.

Please call or write the Siting Board and the state legislators to tell them that you do not want this project. It is now up to each resident in community to voice his and her opinion – not just the lease holders and their families!

Please take note of the below facts and figures related to the Industrial Wind Turbine Project:

The Town of Barre has about 2,000 residents.

Election Results from November (675 total votes). This is not just about the Heritage Wind Project.

Town Supervisor: Sean Pogue, 377 votes – 56%; Gerald Solazzo, 282 votes – 42%

Town Councilperson: Margaret Swan, 319 votes – 24%; Kerri Richardson, 304 votes – 23%; Cindy Burnside, 279 votes – 21%; LuAnn Tierney, 248 votes – 18%; and Brad Driesel, 109 votes – 8%. (Driesel dropped out, but his name was left on ballot, drawing off votes that could have gone to a real candidate, possibly changing the outcome of the entire election!)

1. Town Survey conducted in regards to the Heritage Wind Project (290 surveys accepted):

44% Supportive

39% Opposed

8% Neutral

7% Need More Information

2. Citizens for a Better Barre, Post Card Canvas – Total 538 responses

Supportive: 25 or 5%

Opposed: 425 or 79%

Number not sure: 14 or 3%

Number refusing to commit: 29 or 5%

Number who moved: 41 or 8%

Note: Canvas did not include Town Board members or individuals who have leases.

3. A petition to stop the turbine project was also circulated in Barre with a few people not living in Barre who signed it because they would be affected due to their location. Over 500 signatures were gathered and given to the Orleans County Legislature.

4. Individuals have attended Town Board meetings and shared that they chose to move from our community due to the potential construction of industrial wind turbines.

Alex Nacca