Barre approves bond for Water District No. 10, looks at future for public water

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 21 April 2021 at 1:43 pm

Photo by Tom Rivers: Barre town officials don’t think the 150,000-gallon water tank behind the firehall on Route 98 is adequate for the entire town for water pressure and possible expansion of the water system on the western side, linking with Shelby.

BARRE – The Town Board last week approved a $500,000 bond resolution for Water District No. 10. That project, estimated at $1,101,000, includes a $601,000 grant from Rural Development through the federal USDA.

The property owners in the district will pay off the debt on a $500,000 bond over 38 years. The district will be just over 4 miles with 23,350 linear feet of 8-inch water main, valves, hydrants and appurtenances and includes Angevine, McNamara and Transit roads.

The district includes 83 people. The district will connect to existing water mains in Barre at Water District No. 3 near the intersection of Oak Orchard Road and Angevine Road, as well as Water District No. 4 near the intersection of East Barre Road and Angevine Road.

The Town Board expects to send the project out to bid in a few months and hopefully the project will be complete before next winter, said Town Supervisor Sean Pogue.

The water for the new district comes from the Village of Albion, with the district expected to use 5,425 gallons per day. The village bills Barre $2.96 per 1,000 gallons and the town then charged a $5.00 rate with the extra to cover the town’s costs for maintenance, flushing lines and other operational expenses. District users will also be charged an annual fee of $60 to go in a reserve for painting the town’s water tank.

Barre also has a new Water District No. 9 in the Pine Hill area. Pogue said the town could do one more district that would loop dead-end mains and also include property in Sheelar Road and the part of the muck known as “White City.” The town will collect income surveys in that area to see if the district will qualify for federal grants and loans.

Water District No. 11 would be a less expensive project if that district could tie into mains from the Town of Elba. However, Elba is served by the Monroe County Water Authority and Barre would need permission from the Water Authority as an out-of-district user, which may not be approved, Pogue said.

The town could also add waterlines for Burns Road and connect with Oakfield’s system to cover another remaining piece of the town without public water.

The town’s sprawling water system is primarily served by the 150,000-gallon water tower behind the fire hall. Town officials said that tower doesn’t seem adequate for water pressure for all of the districts. Some of the water lines have low pressure.

Pogue said the town may need a bigger water tower behind the fire hall or a second water tank on the western side of the town. If there was a second water tower in the Pine Hill area, that could give Shelby an option to link with the Barre system. Barre owns land on Pine Hill Road at one of the tallest spots in Orleans County.

“It’s still in its infancy right now,” Pogue said about a possible new water tank. “It’s all talk right now.”

If the town pursued that water tank in Pine Hill, Barre should have an engineering report that would cost $30,000 to $35,000. That report would be needed for the town to pursue grants for the project, Pogue said.

“We don’t have that kind of money right now,” he said.

Barre has reached out to Shelby and the Village of Albion about contributing to the engineering report. The tank would serve Shelby if it interconnected with the Barre system, with the water coming from the Village of Albion’s water plant.