Barre, Apex should buy out residents who don’t want turbines

Posted 29 June 2020 at 8:25 am


Recently at the Barre Town Board meeting, the town supervisor said he was going to let Heritage Wind LLC/Apex Clean Energy change our town industrial wind turbine laws. The company will work with our town attorney, Labella Associates and Apex attorney Knauf.

Without any input from residents that have to live with these 700-foot-tall 33 industrial wind turbine monsters. I am now seeking a full buyout option from the Town of Barre and Heritage Wind LLC/Apex Clean for any resident who does not want to participate in the turbine project.

I am asking any attorney to put this in a letter to the Town of Barre. I am doing this on behalf of every resident in the Town of Barre who will be directly impacted by this project.

Please  feel free to get a hold of me and I will add you to our list of residents.

Thank you.

William Nacca