Barker resident urges Barre to take caution with wind project

Posted 21 October 2019 at 4:39 pm


Should you step up and stop your friend from an oncoming train and save his/her life? Or should you mind your own business and let him/her get crushed?

Should we allow our friends in Barre to be run over by the Apex train? Allow a few people to chase the Golden Goose and blow caution to the wind?

Let the construction and devastation begin and not warn them? Once the damage is done and the sad residents file for lawsuits, we can tell them that we knew, but decided to remain quiet?

Some residents of Arkwright in Chautauqua County are unable to live on their own property due to ill-placed industrial wind factories. Check out the lawsuits and testimonies from people who unfortunately have first-hand experiences on what happens when “Big Wind” wins.

Agnes LaPorte