Banning chickens from Village of Medina part of larger attack on those who produce food

Posted 9 August 2022 at 11:44 am


Our great nation was founded on tools of survival, and currently ruled by politically controlled opinions and political tolerance, as our laws don’t dictate the feelings police, where a village board and code enforcement officer get to decide the life of one based on the life of another

True, a complaint could stem from noise, uncleanliness, and even the concern of bird flu, but who is the town council to decide such endeavors of change?

Across social media, specifically YouTube, journalists will audit American public service persons, and it ultimately comes back to the town council, feeling that they have the power to run the show, be it requesting the name of a police officer and badge when requested to do so, who refuses to identify, and the far greater issues at hand, that knowledge is being taken away from our children, such as classic literature, and our local public schools and libraries are being filled with raunchy material while refraining from defining to a child what a man or a woman is, and indirectly inviting them into the LGBTQIA culture.

If our political leaders cared for the future of the status of us as a society as a whole, they’d take a look at themselves and ask: “Who are we to evict a resident of Medina?”

If a chicken has to go, then hunger, famine, and cannibalism are here to stay.

Since the start of the year 2022, over 100 mass food production facilities in the U.S. alone, with over 600 abroad, have all burned to the ground. Product freezers have stopped working, having to throw away hundreds of thousands of tons of food. Cattle ranchers have had to kill off and/or sell over 91% of their stock to maintain a profit. Nitrogen rich fertilizer hasn’t been able to be shipped abroad to produce for the winter. With the price of diesel fuel, tractors can’t harvest and cargo trucks won’t run to supply the local food market shelf. The trains and freighter ships are docked, and at least according to the World Health Organization, there are over 49 nations in starvation and bankruptcy.

We’re all globally embedded in World War 3, but I’d reference the great winter of 1846 to site the example of cannibalism during the heavy snowstorms in California in which the Donner Party were forced to eat each other for supper.

Famine by itself is a disease albeit a slowly killing one.

China raises pigs because they’ll birth an average yield litter of 14 piglets, and amongst other things consume cats, of which Medina was equally wanting to remove, euthanizing the stray and feral ones, and who’s to say of which are they, when hunting for prey between community homes and when an owner in a time of hardship can’t afford the identification marks, save for our political leaders?

Store food and bottled water en mass.

If our political leaders don’t listen, and this goes all the way up to The White House, they may be the next ones to be evicted, with only the crows of their belly able to satiate their hunger

Daniel Zimmerman