Banners in Medina are a chance to ‘pause’ and reflect on those who served their country

Posted 23 May 2020 at 12:29 pm


This past Christmas I was honored and humbled to be given a gift of being placed on a Medina Hometown Heroes Banner by my beautiful family.

As I walked around town admiring all the banners, my sense of pride grew. The honorees  were the grandfathers, fathers, sons and daughters of my friends, some of whom were also on the banners.

Across the street from my banner was that of a fallen friend, George Underdown, who was killed in action in Vietnam. After having a quiet moment under his banner, I walked away with a smile inside. I would get to “hang out” on Main Street with George, “one more time.” Thank you Mary Woodruff and your committee for bringing this project to fruition and the endless hours you devote to it. You and your committee are the very essence of what makes Medina such a great place to live.

As you were one of the class leaders (MHS Class of 65), so are you now one of our community leaders, thank you again. On this muted, masked and paused Memorial Day, please “pause” again to remember and honor those who have fallen.

Archie Washak