Banners go up in Albion honoring soldiers

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 29 June 2020 at 3:43 pm

Photos by Tom Rivers

ALBION – This banner of Sidney Eddy hangs on a light pole next to the First Presbyterian Church of Albion. Eddy served in World War I. He returned to Albion and ran a printing company and was a charter member of the Albion Rotary Club.

The Albion Department of Public Works hung up 33 banners this morning.

Provided photo: Albion Mayor Eileen Banker coordinated the effort with the banners. She is shown in a lift next to the banner of her father, the late John Pahura. The banners are 2 ½ feet by 5 feet.

“They look beautiful,” Banker said today.

Families or loved ones of the soldiers paid the cost for the banners. Banker is putting in another order for about 15 more banners.

For more information, send Banker an email at

Thomas Heard Jr. is featured on this banner on Main Street. He served during World War II.

Rick Engle of Albion was 19 when he was killed in Vietnam on Feb. 2, 1968. His sisters, Brenda McQuillan and Lisa Ireland, paid for the banner.

These banners on East Bank Street show Leonard Levandowski, a lieutenant colonel with U.S. Air Force who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

David Scharett, also lieutenant colonel with U.S. Air Force, is in back. He served during the Vietnam War.

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