Banes rallies to claim 5th win

Contributed Story Posted 7 June 2016 at 12:00 am

Rebounding from an early deficit, Banes Machine Shop/Banes Plumbing rallied to defeat Orleans Vets 19-7 Monday to improve to 5-0 in the Medina Women’s Softball ‘A’ League.

Trailing 5-3, Banes took charge by scoring 7 runs in the second inning on doubles by Kathy Allen and Sarah Surdel along with singles by Jen Molisani, Amy Allis, Sue Seefeldt, Connie Heschke, Robin Blaun and Jamie Chatt.

Banes also had a big 5 run fifth inning on singles by Molisani, Allis, Patti Page, Seefeldt, Blaun and Allen to help put a lock on the win.

Seefeldt and Blaun both had a total of 3 hits as Heschke and Allen both had 2. Blaun’s hits included a triple and Alisha Foss had a home run.