Backwards-thinking liberals ignore progress for minorities in America

Posted 7 July 2020 at 10:49 am


Mr. Fine’s delusion is like most of the backwards-thinking liberal wokesters. He believes that all and everything wrong with society lays on the evil white man just by the happenstance that they were born that way.

What about the children of rich black people? Do they have black privilege? We are all born equal but there is no guarantee of equal outcome. Society gives no person more of an advantage over another. One can choose to work hard or not work to obtain the level that suits them. There’s no color barrier. White privilege is an invented term to cover for the 50-year failures of Democrat politicians to fix any problems while they continue to impoverish and control minorities in the inner cities. They are aided and abetted by the liberal media and the educational institutions, corporations and Hollywood.

Where is the systemic racism? The big cities are controlled by Democrats, many for half a century or more are run by minorities, have minority progressive mayors and city councils. The police force is more than half, in most cases, minority. The police chiefs in a majority of the big cities are black. These cities are being left to die and the people, many of whom are minorities, are left defenseless with nowhere to shop.

If history was properly taught you would know that minorities have contributed to this country since its inception. All the wars they fought in, inventions, contributing to our economy, medical and life-saving drugs. You white leftists seem to think they are helpless and can’t fend for themselves. Congress is full of minorities, a Black Caucus. We have had a black president of the USA, the corporate board rooms are full of black CEOs and board members. Black families are a large part of the middle class.

Your financial history is nonsense. It used to be you had to have skin in the game to get a loan for everyone. 20% down. That meant working hard and saving money. Owning a home is not a right. It’s a business transaction.

Then weak politicians and the banks caved into the mob ACORN and race hustlers like Al Sharpton. They didn’t want to be called that weaponized word “racist” and forced the banks to give loans to everyone regardless of if they had the finances and wherewithal to make the payments. That was Democrats who did that and it caused the financial meltdown of 2008.

Lastly the drum beating and perpetuating of this phony white privilege, systemic racism and police brutality only makes it worse for the people you white delusional wokesters think you are helping. Burned out cities, no where to shop, more crime and deaths. People of color laugh at you and wish you would go away. It’s creating mob rule justice. If it isn’t stopped it will end up at your door step and no amount of I’m on your side will stop the mob.

The wokester will be eaten alive because no amount of anything but the complete destruction of America will satisfy this monster.

Paul Lauricella