Axe Throwing League wraps up regular season

Contributed Story Posted 12 November 2021 at 8:54 am

The Meadworks Fall Axe Throwing League has completed its regular season and the championship will be held this coming Wednesday at 6 p.m. with the top 8 teams qualifying.

The final regular season standings are as follows with the teams listed by their total of wins, losses and ties.

Mother Chuckers 77-5-2, Pain in the Ax 67-14-3. Great Axpectations 67-17-0, Axing for Trouble 59-21-4, Axing for a Friend 59-23-2, Lizzie Bordens 55-26-3, Two Cord 50-32-2, Bustin Axes 49-31-4, Happy Hippies 49-35-0, Triple Axes 43-38-3, Kiss Our Axes 39-45-0, Here 4 Pizza 32-46-6, Lillies Girls 30-54-0, Bad Axes 29-53-2, We Aim to Misbehave 27-54-3, Mad Axes 27-55-2, Looking Sharp 26-55-3, Swoosh 21-60-3, Holler’n Herons 19-63-2, Just the Tip 17-67-0, Melanin-Tingz 10-73-1