Awards program honors R-H student-athletes

By Mike Wertman, Sports Writer Posted 6 July 2021 at 10:01 am

The presentation of a number of special honors highlighted the recent school year ending Roy-Hart Athletic awards program.

Carter Green and Shelby Wolf were honored as Roy-Hart’s Male and Female Athletes of the Year.

McCarthy Lang and Dominic Peracciny received the Roy-Heart Award

The Bruno Pacini Award was presented to Austin Kelley; the David Brown Memorial Award for swimming to Carter Green; the Bill Holahan Coaches Award to Sam Capen; the Brian Weaver Memorial Award to Tom Ragonese and Cecilia Santos and the Dan Seefeldt Memorial Award to Miah Glena and Hunter Babel.

The Wally Sidebottom Senior Academic/Athletic Excellence Award was presented to Mya Quinn and Aidan Bligh; the Elia Scholarshp for basketball lot Tom Ragonese; the Stan Voss Memorial Award for baseball to Noah Stern and the John Jablonski Track Recognition Award to Dillen Giertz.

Spring season Rampage Awards were presented to Nadia White and Carmela Huntington for Track; Reanna Perkins and Shelby Wolf for Softball; Thomas Russo for Baseball; Mya Quinn and Nikolas Gutierrez for Tennis; Brett Ricker, Joseph Jopp and Jeremiah Giroux for Wrestling and McCarthy Lang for Golf Sectionals.

Varsity Coaches Awards for the Spring season were presented to Allison Dent (Volleyball), Isabella Santella (Tennis), Shelby Wolf (Softball), Miah Glena (Track), Dillen Giertz (Track), Zach Duewiger (Baseball) and Jeremiah Giroux (Wrestling).

JV Coaches Awards are presented to Madison Kelley (Volleyball), Ava DiGiacomo (Softball) and Andrew Kropp (Baseball).

Varsity Most Valuable Player awards for the Spring season were presented to Marissa Scott (Volleyball), Reanna Perkins (Softball), Cecilia Santos (Tennis), Nadia White (Track), James Heideman (Track), Noah Stern (Baseball) and Brett Ricker (Wrestling).

JV Most Valuable Player awards went to Lilyan Stanczyk (Volleyball), Peyton May (Softball), Remington Albee (Baseball), Nate Beyer (Baseball). Josh Haun also received the Football Lineman of the Year Award.

Varsity Most Improved Player Awards went to Mikey Burrows (Football), Samantha Albright (Volleyball), Nikolas Gutierrez (Tennis), Juliana Buscarino (Softball), Amelia Konstanty (Track), Chris Ulrich (Track), Ryan Mettler (Baseball) and Zach Hill (Barker) (Wrestlng).

JV Most Improved Player Awards went to Emily Scott (Volleyball), Alayna Kowalski (Softball), Abigal Fox (Softball), Evan Poeller (Baseball) and Bradley Miner (Baseball).