Australia shows aggressive action in fight against Covid spread

Posted 22 August 2021 at 10:21 am


With all the arguments about vaccines, masks, and accusations of lying being told about this being a public health issue or a privacy issue here in the States, I thought a few might want to see what huge “on the spot” fines, curfews, 5-mile travel restrictions and such measures in place in Australia where Melbourne has had 200 days of lockdown so far.

The death rate for the country is less than a thousand deaths so far. Just as I was typing this a friend in the capital sent that Canberra’s outbreak figures today were 30 some. They want to avoid what is happening here.

And, in regard to Mr. Lauricella who links to Fox News and Tucker Carlson as definitive proof that our military is knowingly involved with sedition by this administration. In fact Fox’s and Carlson’s legal position is – and the Federal Court of the Southern District of New York has explicitly stated –  that Carlson’s show and statements are “[not] statement of facts” but “rhetorical hyperbole and opinion commentary” not intended to be believed (Click here). They won!

No wonder I ignored Lauricella for so long. He did not understand that our men in uniform should not be dragged into partisan fantasies. There really is nothing more to say about this now that we know his sources – no honor there, just perverse entertainment.

But where are the days when we were governed by gentlemen willing and able to talk so we could all prosper? These constant craven attacks based on imagination and half truths is tearing us apart. Name calling does not mean something’s accurate.

What happened to listening, learning, expertise and honor? They are worth defending. They are our true heritage.

Conrad F. Cropsey