Attend hearing on Nov. 14 in Albion to inquire about tax override

Posted 11 November 2022 at 8:28 pm


Recently, I checked the Town of Albion website and noticed they posted a legal notice for a public hearing regarding a tax cap override to be held on Monday, November 14, at 5 p.m. I personally would consider that very important.

My question is, “How would anyone be informed of this public hearing if it was only posted on the website and/or at the Albion Town Hall?” Possibly a significant meeting could be posted on the Orleans Hub or the Lake Country Pennysaver.

According to a recent article in the Orleans Hub dated Nov. 9, stating that all 7 towns will possibly be signing a contract for services with Monroe Ambulance and the Town of Albion’s portion will be $84,400 for 2023. With gas prices and food prices increasing daily, the last thing we need is an increase in taxes.

Please join us on Monday at 5 p.m. at the public hearing at Albion Town Hall, 3665 Clarendon Rd.  Let the people of this town be heard and I pray the leaders we elected are listening.

Anna Tower