Assemblyman says new state budget further restricts upstate residents

Posted 7 April 2020 at 9:41 pm


Upstate New Yorkers are familiar with how downstaters think at this point. With this year’s state budget, it shows that things haven’t changed.

The only new element was that Gov. Cuomo was calling the shots because downstate liberals didn’t meet the budget deadline. Nevertheless, this budget was filled to the brim with bad policy and further restrictions on the liberties of New Yorkers.

I voted no on every single budget bill. Throughout this budget debating process, I pushed back against more unconstitutional gun control. I pushed for supporting local institutions like libraries during a time when children and teachers will rely on them more than ever. While I fought to support small businesses during this healthcare crisis, they decided to spend $100 million in taxpayer dollars on funding political campaigns.

The acceptance of Gov. Cuomo’s reign during this crisis greatly concerns me. It sets a dangerous precedent during this healthcare crisis. The legislators, elected by the people of New York, should be legislating on behalf of the citizens.

The last thing our state needs is to give more authority to its executive. No matter how well-intended the budget might have been in places, I couldn’t, in good conscience, vote on budget bills that were filled with policy and pushed by an overreaching executive.

Assemblyman Steve Hawley


(Hawley represents the 139th Assembly District which includes most of Orleans, all of Genesee and part of western Monroe County.)