Assembly candidate says public education system needs an overhaul

Posted 13 September 2020 at 10:56 am


Thanks to Covid-19, people are being forced to look at the benefits and drawbacks of the public school systems and compare them to the relative safety of the home school options.

The school systems waffled over their ability to provide a safe environment. My fear is that parents in New York State will, sooner or later, begin to experience increased limitations on their ability to make educational decisions and soon will be limited to just making choices.

Our governments have created a massive, expensive and ineffective educational system. Not only are students not receiving the education needed for today’s technological society, many are not even receiving the basic education needed to be functional in normal business.

If the educational system pursued a business-quality standard for education, and achieved the business standard of Six Sigma, they would have just 1 person out of the last 100,000 students to pass through the school system not graduate with a functional high school education. We are not coming anywhere close to that standard.

The school systems, and our government, need to proactively promote efficiencies in education. They should be working to aggressively use and adopt the educational technologies and opportunities that private enterprise has developed and now offer.

They need to figure out how to stop consuming resources on old practices that have proven to be ineffective at producing a Six Sigma quality educational product. Because of the effectiveness and efficiencies involved, home schooling will be commonplace in the future, much more so than it has been even in the recent past.

When elected to office, I will work to remove the barriers to home schooling, to eliminate funding inequalities between home-school and public-school, to create a functional educational environment that addresses our technological needs, to support efficiencies in education, and ensure that taxes collected for education are used wisely.

My ultimate objective is to eliminate the real estate-based school tax.

Mark Glogowski, Ph.D.


Libertarian candidate for NYS Assembly, 139th District