Assembly candidate opposes abortion and wants laws to respect life

Posted 17 October 2018 at 12:59 pm


Abortion is murder. It is an act of tyranny sanctioned by government.

In 1973 the US Supreme Court ruled, “the decision concerning when to terminate the pregnancy is to be made between the woman and her doctor.”

After Roe vs. Wade, society instantly turned it back on the plight of infants born as a consequence of a premature termination of a pregnancy. New York State laws actually prevented doctors, nurses, and the public from providing for and caring for these babies. Nurses cried as babies were literally left to die on a shelf. Some were even dumped upside down in a bucket of water so they would not suffer death because of exposure and starvation. Our government turned its back on this crisis.

When the NYS Legislature failed to act, doctors devised their own solution. They simply changed their procedures. To terminate the pregnancy, they would make sure the fetus (which was the term used to refer to a live baby inside a mother’s womb) was dead. Thus, with saline injections, suction, and many other gruesome procedures babies died.

The premature termination of pregnancies began to mimic what is known as an abortion. The “termination of the pregnancy upon demand” came to be called an “abortion.” The US Supreme court did not sanction the slaughter of babies – not inside and not outside of the woman’s womb.

Our laws since have since focused only on minimizing the visibility of the slaughter taking place. Clearly, as a society we can do better.

Here are three definitions I live by:

Abortion is murder. It requires the death of the child. It is an act of abandonment of the child when the child is most vulnerable. It is an act tyranny sanction by the state.

Pro-choice pertains to the termination of the pregnancy. I believe women should have the right to choose when to terminate the pregnancy. But keep in mind, the US Supreme court did not authorize the killing of babies (fetuses).

Pro-life is the focus on the health and care of the mother, both before and after the termination of the pregnancy, and the care of the baby when the pregnancy is terminated prematurely. It is not just “anti-abortion.”

We can do better for both mothers and their children. Our laws should be changed to reflect a respect for life. We should be willing to incur whatever expense is necessary to save the baby’s life when a pregnancy is prematurely terminated. As it was stated to me once, “We should be harvesting babies, not body parts.” I agree!

When I am your Assemblyman, I will work to end this tyranny. I will work to make New York State a pro-choice, pro-life state.

On November 6th, start at the bottom of the ballot. Look for the Statue of Liberty. Then look for and vote for Mark Glogowski for Assembly.

Let’s end the tyranny!  Vote Libertarian.

Mark E Glogowski


Libertarian Candidate

139th Assembly District