Aspiring candidate should focus on issues, not accusations

Posted 27 July 2016 at 2:39 pm


We feel compelled to respond to a letter published in the Orleans Hub on July 25, 2016 written by Mr. Joe Sidonio.

While we respect Mr. Sidonio’s Constitutional right to criticize the policies and practices of this Town Board and Town Boards of the past, we are concerned when his statements attack the personal character of any one individual within the Town of Murray. While Mr. Sidonio may not like the employment conditions of our Highway Superintendent (Mr. Ed Morgan), let it be known that Mr. Morgan has done nothing wrong and simply receives the compensation and benefits that are rightfully due him in his many positions.

It’s well known that Mr. Sidonio plans to run for public office in November 2017, and has publically stated his interest in becoming the next Supervisor of the Town of Murray. It’s unfortunate that he chooses to attack a single individual in this Town in his belief that such allegations will strengthen his candidacy for this position. Perhaps the behavior and comments made by political candidates at the national level has also become the model for accusations that can be made here in Orleans County and the Town of Murray.

While we will no longer debate Mr. Sidonio in this, or any other publication, we do understand he can make comments as he chooses. We only ask Joe, that you keep your remarks focused on the workings of the Town Board rather than any one individual working within the Town. Is that too much to ask?

Town Board of the Town of Murray,

John Morriss, Supervisor
Ed Bower, Councilman
Kathy Case, Councilwoman
Lloyd Christ, Councilman
Paul Hendel, Councilman