Article from Legislative Luncheon painted overly rosy picture of Orleans County

Posted 20 February 2020 at 8:16 am


Here are some facts that should be added to the report published in the Pennysaver and Orleans Hub relating to the Chamber of Commerce Legislative Luncheon on February 2, 2020. (Click here to “County officials see lots of progress in Orleans County”)

Pertaining to the new Administrative Building at a cost of 11 million, yes, 3 million did come from NYS, but all is still taxpayer money. Why is it OK to use money without public input or a survey or maybe even a vote?

Yes, Orleans County is a great place to live! Population growth occurs when economic developments are inspired with workable tax incentives, zoning requirements and local government encouragement. No just relying and waiting for tax monies to be given to us.  Thankfully there are some local county individuals with personal interest that fill a void and eagerly invest.

Instead of wasting money on unrealistic enhancements of parks, money should be spent on repairing bridges and certainly many of the roads that need to be repaved. Our lack of Broadband is shameful. Broadband was promised to us several years ago and many are still without or sketchy internet.

Town of Yates Park is a false projection of a community inspired project, most likely to satisfy the egos of the town officials. This park will not encourage an increase in the population. Enhancing parks does not make up for declining incoming families, declining area jobs and declining school registration. This 2.5 million dollars should be directed to other specified areas by the REDI Commission.

This article only addresses a few of the remarks made at the luncheon. Get involved, ask questions and become an active part in your community.

Jeanne Crane


(Crane is the chairwoman of the Orleans County Democratic Party.)