Arming teachers just one answer to combating gun violence

Posted 7 March 2018 at 6:59 pm


In response to Tom Graham’s letter regarding arming teachers, Mr. Graham outlined six different things that a gunman thinks or wants. He also ends with do we want armed umpires at little league games, clowns at the circus, grocery clerks, etc.

Arming teachers may not be the perfect answer, on that we can agree. I will tell you that there is potentially a concealed carry holder standing in line at the grocery store behind you, setting next to you at the circus and probably at the baseball game as well.

What and who protects our kids at school? Is it a sign on the doors or at the entrance to the property saying no guns allowed? Seriously? That is a joke! Chances are actions speak louder than words. It may not be the best solution out there, but making more laws for those that do not follow the law in the first place is not the best solution either.

Enforcing the laws that are on the books is a start! Mandatory sentencing for using a firearm in the commission of a crime is a start! There are thousands of people out there that think by changing the law it will protect us from this from happening again. I wish that to be true. Not all gun owners are criminals. Yet!


Jeffrey Atwell

President, Barre Sportsmens Club