Are anti-wind groups backed by fossil fuel industry?

Posted 25 August 2016 at 2:40 am


I have written before about my belief that SOS (Save Ontario Shores) is backed by the fossil fuel industry. SOS has very forcefully stated they are not on numerous occasions.

Why then is Mary Kay Barton, an active SOS member, listed as the very first participant named on the list from the DC Energy Advocates Conference that was held in February of 2012??

The article, “Anti Wind Groups Coordinate with Fossil Fuel Funded Organizations” states: On February 1st and 2nd, at least two prominent advocacy groups connected to fossil fuel corporations, the American Tradition Institute (ATI) and Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), met in Washington with 32 NIMBY (“Not in my backyard”) organizations to discuss a coordinated “subversion” campaign to wreck wind energy.

The American Tradition Institute is now the Energy & Environment Legal Institute.

As Suzanne Goldenberg of The Guardian writes, “The strategy session is the latest evidence of a concerted attack on the clean energy industry by think tanks and lobby groups connected to oil and coal interests and free-market ideologues.”

Here is another excerpt from the article: The document, “National_PR_Campaign_Proposal,” authored by American Tradition Institute Fellow John Droz, Jr., indicates the meetings were called to discuss plans for a coordinated national disinformation campaign against wind energy.  The document details a series of wind energy attacks ranging from “counter intelligence,” setting up a “dummy business” and steering kids away from science projects on wind because, “it doesn’t meet the criteria we set up.”

I encourage you to read the list of names and the article for yourself: (Click here).

Barton and the other members of SOS have stated repeatedly that they are a local grass-roots group. So, this should lead you to ask questions about what else they have mislead you about?

If you would like to know some of the other things I have discovered in my research but don’t have time or just want to know, without the work, contact me.

I have a list of other misrepresentations.

Susan Campbell


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