Apex urged to sign code of conduct

Posted 26 February 2016 at 12:00 am


Save Ontario Shores, a citizens group formed in response to 600-foot-high industrial wind turbines proposed for the towns of Somerset and Yates, calls upon Apex Clean Energy, Inc. to immediately sign and return to the New York State Office of the Attorney General the Code of Conduct for Wind Farm Development that it received from the Attorney General’s Office on or shortly after Feb. 8, 2016. As of Feb. 18 the Attorney General’s Office had not received the signed code.

There is a Somerset Town Planning Board meeting on March 3 regarding additional MET towers for the Apex’s proposed industrial wind turbine project. This is an excellent example of the type of local decision-making that the code of conduct was meant to protect from any appearance of conflict of interest.

We call upon Apex to sign the code of conduct and comply with it before going before the Somerset Town Planning Board or any municipal body for any Lighthouse Wind project approvals.

Apex Clean Energy, Inc. states on its current website (click here) that “Apex will continue working with the Attorney General’s office as we develop Lighthouse Wind, and we look forward to signing a code of conduct when it is offered by the Attorney General.”

The Attorney General has sent Apex a code of conduct with signature lines and the local community expects that the document be signed immediately, returned to the Attorney General’s Office and expects immediate compliance.

Apex’s delay in signing and complying with the code of conduct adds to the ongoing experiences of citizens who have had questions addressed by Apex with “you’ll find out later” type of language.

People want disclosure. Let us know your plans. Let us know the number and locations and types of turbines you are considering. Stop telling us that you will tell us later. Sign the code of conduct. Comply with it.

Kate Kremer, Vice President
Save Ontario Shores, Inc.