Apex should provide specifics about ‘misinformation’ as Yates, Somerset try to stop project

Posted 12 August 2018 at 2:15 pm


In a recent letter to the Hub, Apex development manager Paul Williamson clearly showed that  Apex has no respect for Somerset or Yates or their elected officials. Once again, Apex and their minions cry about misinformation being spread regarding their project, yet never identify which information.

Mr. Riggi, the Town of Yates Councilman who won his seat in a landslide vote, clearly outlined the specific fallacies associated with the Lighthouse Wind project. One must remember that this project was unanimously rejected by the Town of Yates and the Town of Somerset, and by the Orleans, Niagara and Erie County Legislatures.

Is it possible that Mr. Williamson fears discussing specific pieces of so called “misinformation,” because he cannot support his claim? Please, Mr. Williamson, name one! Is it misinformation to state that wind turbines create noise and that noise, especially noise which includes an element of amplitude modulation, can keep people awake at night, and that sleep deprivation can lead to illness?

Do you deny that “peer reviewed studies” conclude that wind turbines generate infrasound which can travel for miles and can cause symptoms of anxiety, migraine, and sleep issues in some portion of the population, and do you just chalk these claims up as “nocebos”?

Is it misinformation to state that the US Fish and Wildlife Service has recommended that no wind turbines be installed within three miles of the Great Lakes shoreline? Mr. Williamson has that letter. Who then is providing misinformation?

Mr. Williamson claims that studies show no negative impact on property values, when numerous studies (you have them in your possession) indicate otherwise. Deny this fact, or provide guarantees on property values if this project is built. You have a draft of a property value guarantee. Endorse it and abide by it.

It is ludicrous that Mr. Williamson thinks he has the right to come into our towns and bully our elected officials, by openly stating he will request variances to the town laws that have been thoughtfully adopted and put into place to protect the health and welfare of its residents? He comes to our towns from Maine, a state that has a moratorium on construction of new industrial wind projects.

He  claims he is well suited for this particular job because he is familiar with our area, having brothers who attended Clarkson University and Cornell University. Mr. Williamson, do you realize that neither of these two institutions are anywhere near the southern shore of Lake Ontario?

You’ve missed the point, Mr. Williamson! This is the wrong location for an industrial wind project. One set of facts is undeniably true. Apex, its employees, its offices, its PR campaign, and its attorneys are not welcome here. Nor will they ever be.

Apex is sucking money from these two towns like a parasite and causing our elected officials to spend their time fighting for our beautiful community and rural way of life, time which could be better directed to other issues.

Mr. Williamson claims that now is the time for “open collaboration” between Apex and the Towns. What has Apex been doing for the last four years? It’s time for Apex to leave.

Steve and Maryellen Royce

Richard and Cynthia Hellert

Robert and Agnes LaPorte

Paula Simon

David and Anne Smith

Susan Dudley

Ruth Doughty

Robert Verheyn

Christine Bronson

Kathy Evans

Donn Riggi