Apex puts baffling spin on latest survey showing opposition to turbines

Posted 29 December 2015 at 12:00 am


The Town of Yates released survey results pertaining to the Lighthouse Wind project on Dec. 28, 2015. There was a 47 percent return of the 2,549 surveys mailed to eligible voters in the town.

The only question we need to look at is Number 10, which asks whether the respondent is in favor of or opposed to the project. There is no ambiguity in the response of 66 percent opposed to the project.

Apex has put out a baffling spin to these results. The following was published by Apex in the Orleans Hub: “When people have a chance to learn the facts about the project, rather than being forced to rely on the misinformation being pushed by opponents, they become more supportive of Lighthouse Wind and what it means for this community.”

What did I miss? How in the world did they come to this conclusion?

The people in the Town of Yates have spoken.

The Orleans County Legislature recognized this when they voted to oppose this project at their Dec. 16 meeting. We commend Legislators Allport and Johnson for putting forth the resolutions to oppose the state’s Article 10 law and to oppose this project. The Orleans County Legislature didn’t need to wait for the survey results.

The voters spoke loudly and clearly in November when they elected Jim Simon as town supervisor in a write-in campaign. They spoke clearly when John Riggi, outgoing president of Save Ontario Shores, garnered the most votes for town councilman. Both of these men have been openly and strongly opposed to this project.

Taxpayers in the Town of Somerset responded to a survey months ago with overwhelming opposition to the project. The Somerset Town Board and the Niagara County Legislature also adopted resolutions in opposition to the installation of industrial wind turbines, reflecting the will of their constituents.

Senator Ortt declared recently, “This project needs to stop.” Congressman Collins has expressed concerns about the future of the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Base should this project go through, and wants to see a “thorough study of any potential impacts these structures would have on current and future operations at NFARS.”

We don’t need to wait until Apex’s application is submitted to take a position. We already have taken one, over and over again, and it’s time for Apex to listen to the people in the towns of Yates and Somerset.

Pamela Atwater
Incoming President of Save Ontario Shores