Apex project brings needed revenue and opportunity to Yates

Posted 26 July 2017 at 2:40 pm


I have four children who have graduated from the Lyndonville school district, all starting at kindergarten. When they joined the track team they practiced in the parking lot. For their home meets they went to Barker because Barker had a wonderful all-weather track bought with tax money from the power plant. Each time we went there everyone would talk about all the other great advantages the students had.

I would love to have a stronger tax base for the Lyndonville school district. These children, if they can find jobs in the area, are going to be paying my social security. They need the best opportunities available.

I know that SOS knocked on the doors of all the residents of the town of Yates convincing them that Apex was a threat to their very existence. At a recent town meeting I sat next to a SOS supporter when the board was discussing the recent problem with flooding of the homes on the lakefront. It was stated that before anything could be done in the water the DEC would have to approve it. The home owner next to me (under her breath apparently unaware I heard) said she wasn’t waiting for that. The same person that told the residents of Yates that wind turbines were bad for the environment doesn’t really care about that and is only looking out for herself.

Another resident of Lakeshore Road approached me after the meeting telling me that because I don’t live on the lake shore and the wind turbine was not in my back yard, that of course I would want them. Yet another SOS supporter that is in this fight for themselves. However, I know for a fact that the turbines will not actually be in his back yard or he wouldn’t support SOS.

I ask those people who remain on the Lighthouse Wind Project, is it because of all the fairy tales the SOS agent told you or because you fear you may be publicly mocked? Please speak up and let your Town Board know what you really feel about a new business bringing in more income to this area.

I also discovered at that Yates town meeting that SOS supporters have said that the Lyndonville School District doesn’t need any additional tax money because they have terrific teachers and that is all the children need to succeed. As much as I wholeheartedly agree (more than you could ever imagine) about the teachers there, I think they want to be properly paid and have resources available to do the best job possible. I also think that the supporting staff does too. No new tax money means no need to improve connectivity and technology. But now I know I will vote no on all the future school budgets because the school doesn’t need any more tax money.

I have heard the argument from people in the Village of Lyndonville for many years about those who live part time at the lake are always trying to make changes in the town. The cottage owners respond that even though they live there part time they pay taxes too. So true but I wonder if we removed the taxes we get from those who don’t want to vacation in the Town of Yates due to commercial wind turbines and add in the revenue from both Apex and the additional income tax the homeowners with turbines will be paying, then who has the stronger argument then?

I understand a supporter of SOS is an owner of a car dealership. I work at one too. Maybe this example will be understood. Would you think that we shouldn’t hire a salesman that previously worked for a different franchise because they would tell customers to go down the street and buy a car? That is the same way of thinking that SOS uses for Apex’s military expert, Dave Belote. Doesn’t it make sense to hire someone with experience in the field you need answers in.

SOS is looking to laypeople with no experience that are announcing that wind turbines will cause the closure of the Niagara Air Base. In fact, the head of NFARS Colonel Janik announcement months ago that Lighthouse Wind is a non-issue for the base, yet SOS continues to beat this drum.

I urge the Town of Yates board to act as a board and not individuals and do what is legally right, do what is best for the community, bring opportunities to all of Yates, and don’t worry about “Not in my back yard.”


Nancy Palmer

Medina (Lyndonville School District)