Apex hasn’t given specifics on height of wind turbines by lake

Posted 9 February 2017 at 6:14 pm


A recent letter questioned whether the proposed Project Lighthouse Wind Industrial Complex of approximately 70 turbines, to be strung along the shore of Lake Ontario in the Towns of Somerset and Yates could use wind turbines 700 feet in height or higher. The writer claimed  no such units exist. The answer is a resounding YES they do exist, and could be used. The facts speak for themselves.

It is well known that the exact model turbine is yet to be selected for Lighthouse Wind. This  information is critical to being able to fully assess the impact on our community and has been requested of Apex many times, to no avail. We however, have been informed by Lighthouse Wind representatives, that the proposed units will be the largest available at the time the application is filed with the Siting Board.

Hence the question arises, how high could that be? A brief  search of literature for Land Based Industrial Wind Turbines reveals that there is a General Electric unit available, Model 3.6-137,  with a range of  tip heights up to 223 meters or 731 feet. Other manufacturers likely offer similar units. The possibility therefor exists for Lighthouse Wind to select a unit whose height could be in the vicinity of 700 feet or more. The claim that Councilman Riggi of Yates makes is therefor a valid one.

The Councilman is acting on his beliefs and in the interests of those who supported and elected him. Insults and name calling do not alter these facts and reflect on the writer. We are not “fear mongers.” We do not spread fear as we are accused of doing.  We are fact mongers! i.e. Those who spread the facts!

Further delving into the manufacturer’s specifications for Model 3.6-37 reveals that this unit has a sound pressure level rating of 106db(A). This sound level is in the range of that produced by an operating chain saw and is damaging to the human ear. This raises the specter of what effect this level of sound pressure will have on people, farm animals and wildlife. Regardless, the notion that industrial wind turbines are silent is quashed by the manufacturers own information.

Visual and noise pollution are merely two of the many factors that make Project Lighthouse Wind unacceptable to the residents of our community. The power is not needed, the power is not clean, and the physical, environmental, social and economic impacts of this project are devastating to our rural community and will continue to exist until the project is terminated.

Project Lighthouse Wind is the wrong project in the wrong place. We do not want these huge noisy environmental disasters in our community. Project Lighthouse Wind must be terminated and quickly! The damage to our community is mounting.

James C. Hoffman

Town of Somerset