Apex development manager says Lighthouse project offers numerous benefits to community

Posted 10 August 2018 at 5:23 pm


I would like the opportunity to respond to a letter addressed to me that was recently submitted to the Orleans Hub by Councilman Riggi of Yates.

Mr. Riggi’s letter makes a very good argument for the development of the Lighthouse Wind Power project. The letter portrays Somerset and Yates communities as economically challenged areas, where people have to work hard for a living pay high taxes with limited opportunities for relief. Despite the challenges, I also recognize these communities are home to proud people with an honorable heritage of self-reliance with the ability to generate a local economy based on natural resources.

The challenges outlined in the councilman’s letter demonstrate this is the perfect opportunity to harvest another natural resource and create a responsible renewable energy project. Annually, the Lighthouse project will also provide much-needed investments to both Yates and Somerset. It will serve to complement the current agrarian land uses, and align with the natural resource economy, while providing environmentally-beneficial clean energy. Both communities can benefit from the Lighthouse investment to reduce taxes for property owners, improve the community, and create new economic development.

Paradoxically, the councilman’s letter goes on to inaccurately list perceived horrors about the project. The message imparted demonstrates a false understanding of how wind energy works and the impacts. The comments are so exaggerated that an objective reader may believe the letter was intended to parody objections to the project.

Following the tenant that a well-informed people are essential to a healthy democracy, public officials typically serve their constituents best when they take time to accurately portray the issues before making public statements.

As we move through the project planning process, I remain committed to factually informing the citizens of Yates and Somerset and am confident a true understanding of the project’s benefits will yield great interest and support. Rather than being closed off to opportunity the people of Yates and Somerset deserve constructive discourse, open collaboration and vision.

Paul Williamson

Senior Development Manager

Apex Clean Energy, Inc.