‘Anti-Joe’ individuals scheme to get Sidonio out of office

Posted 26 June 2023 at 8:28 am


Having just read the previous post about “Sidonio disqualified himself from public office with racist comments in taped conversation” I can’t say I’m  surprised that this desperate town board and a couple of disgruntled employees in the final days of this primary would go back to their failed efforts to try to get Joe out of their way.

They’ve convinced someone who Joe thought was his friend to secretly record him in a private conversation without his knowledge and use it to go as far as contacting the news media and Black Lives Matter to try to cause harm to Joe and his family. This is just the latest effort to try and discredit Joe.

I’m thoroughly disgusted by this constant backstabbing by these individuals. It shows that they have no honor and can’t be trusted. Don’t think they wouldn’t do this to you or me if it would benefit them. Why do they want to get Joe out of their way?

Joe has been pointing out the corruption within the town since he started running for Supervisor from the water loss cover up and theft to reprimanding an elected employee for working on his vehicle in the town garage.

These “anti-Joe” individuals are telling everyone that Joe won’t work with them. Why would he? They spend more time scheming to get rid of him than attending to the town’s business.

If they get Joe out of their way with these antics who are they going to go after next? Will they weaponize code enforcement? With Joe out of the way they can push through lavish benefits, pay increases and padded retirement accounts for their friends and relatives at the town hall, something that Joe has tried to keep under control to be fair to both the employees and the tax payers.

Joe recently mailed out a flyer urging you to vote for Eric Collyer and himself. I urge you to read it, note Joe’s qualifications and vote for them in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, June 27, as they are the best-qualified candidates.

Jim Johnson