Allowing driver’s licenses for undocumented residents makes sense

Posted 23 April 2019 at 8:35 pm


I often bite my tongue about our local Legislature. For example, they were warned in the 60’s that moving major buildings/departments out of downtown was going to hurt Albion immeasurably. Did they listen then or since? No, not once.

Now, the Legislature will come out against granting illegal immigrants driver’s licenses.  Immigration is a tremendously complicated matter but it’s common knowledge that any time a person without a license is in an car accident – even if the car is somehow insured – the insurer will deny coverage.  In Orleans there a lot of illegal immigrants and, of course they are driving our roads. When the reality sinks in our Legislature is pushing for something that’s going hurt you and me. The fact is they never considered what’s good for us, only what sound good for them.

I could go on but time and again once elected they just “dumb down” – follow the leader style.  Last year it was allowing rifle hunting within reach of our houses – Orleans is flat as can be and those bullets have incredible range.

Both license situations should have been no brainers. For the “enhanced driver’s license” in reality the Clerks are already reviewing all sorts of documents. Contrary to their excuses we have the resources.

I admit that governing is not easy but there are simply too many ill-considered decisions to not be concerned that there is a problem. Call it professionalism, foresight, politicalization, whatever. It needs watching and maybe new blood.

Conrad F. Cropsey