All Area girls team has accent on youth

By Mike Wertman, Sports Writer Posted 14 March 2016 at 12:00 am

Photos by Cheryl Wertman – Medina is represented on the first team by Je’ne Brown, left, and Albion by Chanyce Powell.

The accent is on youth for the annual OrleansHub All Area girls basketball squad as eight of the 10 players on the first and second teams are underclassmen.

The first team includes Albion junior Chanyce Powell, Medina freshman Je’ne Brown, Barker senior Caitlyn Mason, Lyndonville junior Aubrey Lewis and Roy-Hart senior Emma Lindke.

Powell led Albion in both scoring with 305 points (16.0 average) and rebounding with 201. She also had 65 steals and 47 assists.

Brown likewise led Medina in both scoring with 261 points (13.0 ave) and rebounding with 193.

Aubrey Lewis represents Lyndonville.

Mason scored 248 points (11.8 ave.) and had 98 rebounds, 62 steals and 28 assists.

Lindke tallied 208 points (10.4 ave.) and added 147 rebounds, 29 assists and 25 steals.

Lewis paced Lyndonville with 229 points (11.4 ave.) and also had 131 rebounds, 78 steals and 66 assists.

Roy-Hart’s Emma Lindke, left, and Barker’s Caitlyn Mason round out the first team.

The all underclassmen second team includes Lyndonville junior Makenzie Muck, Medina juniors Molley Gross and Maddie Winters and junior Lizzie Rath and sophomore Taylor ReQua from Kendall.

Muck led Lyndonville on the boards with 149 rebounds and also scored 191 points (9.5 ave.).

Gross scored 169 points (8.2 ave.) and grabbed off 156 rebounds and Winters tallied 102 points and pulled down 167 rebounds for the Mustangs.

ReQua had 154 points, 145 rebounds, 84 steals and 57 assists while Rath had 125 points, 106 rebounds, 75 steals and 70 assists for the Lady Eagles.

Earning Honorable Mention is the quintet of Barker senior Lindsey Williams, Medina freshman Maddie Williams, Lyndonville senior Jasmine Plummer along with the Albion duo of junior Emily Blanchard and freshman Sierra Newton.