Alden trims Albion Storm in softball

Contributed Story Posted 13 May 2021 at 9:37 pm

Contributed Photo – The Albion Storm’s roster includes, in the front row Lena Grillo, Lilly Maynard, Anna Grillo, Anna Gillette and Kaitlin Bennett. In the back row Brooke Doty, Raegan Flor, Meadow Smith, Melia Prince, Nathalia Coley, Gia Howard and Loralei Gailie

Albion Storm took a tough 12-11 loss against Alden this evening.

The Storm started strong with Kaitlin Bennett on the mound. She had 9 strike outs over 5 innings.

The Storm had a big first inning putting up 5 runs but couldn’t hang on with Alden putting up 11 hits over 6 innings and coming back strong in the bottom of the 6th putting up 7 runs to win it.

The Storm had 7 hits with Lilly Maynard going 2-3 with two singles. Brooke Doty, Kaitlin Bennett, and Anna Gillette all singled, Gia Howard had a rope to left field for a double, and Melia Prince had a bomb of a home run to left field.

The Storm takes on the Warsaw Summit at home Saturday morning in Barre.