Albone-White would push for extended hours, modernization of Ridgeway town clerk’s office

Posted 16 October 2017 at 8:57 am


The Town of Ridgeway advertised itself to be “for the people” a few years ago during the dissolution vote. Tara Albone-White has demonstrated that she is and would be for the people, having put in hours of time and effort during the primary and current season — meeting people, shaking hands, going door-to-door, coordinating a meet and greet session, and very importantly, listening to Ridgeway residents’ concerns.

As town clerk, she would be the public face of the Town office — she proposes extending office hours to accommodate those of us who work elsewhere. In addition, Tara supports the idea of online bill payment as an option, which would bring the office into the 21st century.

Experience may be a plus for a candidate, yet it’s not always helpful when there are updates and changes needed. Think about who has shown the residents that she truly wants the job when you vote for Ridgeway Town Clerk. Tara Albone-White has shown me that she has the energy, enthusiasm, commitment and positive attitude to make a difference for the Town of Ridgeway residents as their town clerk.


Ann Webster Bunch