Albion warns about bringing toy guns to school

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 16 June 2014 at 12:00 am

ALBION – The school district sent home letters today, reminding parents that toy guns are not allowed at school.

A student today brought to school a spring-action toy gun that shoots B-Bs. The gun was confiscated. The student did not shoot or threaten any other students with the toy, according to the letter from District Superintendent Michael Bonnewell and Middle School Principal Dan Monacelli. The student will be disciplined through the Code of Conduct.

The two administrators said “a number of our students” purchased the toy guns during the Strawberry Festival on Friday and Saturday.

“We write to let you know about the situation and to seek your help in reminding your children that items like this are not permitted at school,” Bonnewell and Monacelli wrote in the letter.

They also noted last Thursday’s accidental shooting when a 13-year-old shot his brother, 9, in the arm while playing with a stolen gun. That investigation remains a law enforcement issue, the school officials said.

“With your help and the help of students like those who reported today’s incident, we remain committed to the safety of our students,” Bonnewell and Monacelli said in the letter.