Albion village trustee states his support for Banker, Farone and Katsanis

Posted 18 March 2018 at 9:35 am


Although I am currently serving as a Trustee on the Village of Albion Board, I am also a taxpaying citizen of the Village. So I base this letter on the latter. There is currently a race for the Mayor and two Trustee positions on the Board. While all of the candidates seem to be vote-worthy, there are three that I offer my support to:

First, I support Eileen Banker for Mayor. Eileen has been on the Village Board for almost 8 years, serving four of those years as Deputy Mayor.  She is honest, hardworking, and very competent to help to move the village forward with all of the obstacles that are before us. She has a unique understanding of the many nuances of local, county, and state government. She has been a part of several cost-saving initiatives that are currently in process (solar power for the village buildings, looking into more shared services with other municipalities, investigating forming a fire district, etc.). I know how hard she will continue to work for us in Albion.

I support Stan Farone for one of the Trustee positions. Stan has brought a unique approach to village government, doing “town hall” meetings with taxpayers and involving himself in many village promotions through the Albion Betterment Committee. Stan understands the current situation in the village and is always willing to meet with citizens to come up with new ideas to help further the interests of the village.

I also support Gary Katsanis for the other Trustee position. I was able to serve with Gary during his two years on the board.  He is very intelligent and extremely meticulous; asking the right questions at the right times. I feel he is an asset to the village because of his tenacity and sense of commitment in getting to the bottom of every problem and situation he encounters.

Finally, I find it interesting that there are people outside the village chiming in with support for various candidates. It begs the question what their reasoning is for this support.Usually, when someone from the outside voices an opinion, it’s because of an agenda for themselves or someone else.

I know, without doubt, that Eileen Banker, Stan Farone, and Gary Katsanis have no agenda that is going to benefit anyone other than the taxpayers of the Village of Albion. I ask you for your support for them on March 20th.

Thank you.

Respectfully submitted,

Pete Sidari