Albion trustee says cost-cutting shouldn’t jeopardize public safety

Posted 19 March 2018 at 7:31 am


I would like to reply to the letter from Sue Smith. My problem isn’t so much that someone from outside the village is voicing an opinion. My problem is when someone from outside the village has an agenda that they are pushing and it could very well be detrimental to the safety of the village of Albion residents.

And as someone who “ shops in the village (or tries to), drives through the village, or has children and grandchildren that go to school in the village,” you should also be concerned about public safety concerns (especially reduction in police services) to said village.

Would you rather have three officers and a chief responding to an emergency at your child’s or grandchild’s school or possibly one officer (if they are in the area)?

Tax-savings at the expense of public safety is not a way to reduce spending! There are other areas that are always being looked at and a lot has happened in those areas. Yes, much more needs to be done.

I’m sure the next sitting board will also be looking into ways “outside the box” to try to reduce our heavy tax burden. Since you and the others are that concerned about the village, I invite all of you to our next workshop meeting on March 28th at the Village Hall. It starts at 7 p.m.  Hope to see you there!!!


Pete Sidari

Trustee / Village of Albion