Albion teachers join girls in elementary school for special tea

Posted 3 April 2019 at 7:30 am

Photos courtesy of Sue Starkweather Miller: Olivia Peterson talks about her special qualities with her invited guest, Mrs. Klips.

Courtesy of Albion Central School

ALBION – The after school “Girls Group” participated in a tea party celebration last Thursday to learn social etiquette and build strong connections.

One of the goals of the group was to help the girls feel like they have a strong connection to someone in the school. To help form this connection, a tea party was organized. Each girl could invite a staff member who they admired. Each girl instantly knew who they wanted to invite. They made a special invitation and hand delivered it to their special person.

Carlyanne Dix and Mr. Plewinski share a cup of tea.

Another goal of the group was to learn social etiquette. During the tea each girl greeted the invited teacher, pulled the chair out for the teacher, and held a conversation with him and/or her.  Prior to the tea, group leaders talked about appropriate responses. An example would be to not say the word “YEP!” and to answer in complete sentences. The group practiced making appropriate eye contact and how to initiate and keep a conversation going.

The girls made paper clouds with rainbows that served as placemats. The girl’s name was written on the cloud and each color of the rainbow was something she liked about herself. This proved to be a great conversation starter.

Madison Velky pours punch for her invited guest, Mrs. Reith.

The girls also made a favor for each teacher. It was a teapot with a teabag attached that said, “Thanks for making time for tea and me!”

Tea, iced tea, lemonade, water, and pink and white cupcakes were served at the party.

The tea party was a great success! The girls were excited and their faces lit up when they saw their teachers. The teachers were just as excited and honored to be invited by the students.

The Girls Group afterschool club is sponsored by the Title I Program. Advisors are Mrs. Keller and Mrs. Lang.

Each student gave their special guest a teabag favor.

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