Albion should have put Hometown Hero banners up by Memorial Day

Posted 2 June 2022 at 10:11 pm


I would like to thank all the veterans for their dedication and service to our great country. It is because of them that we can enjoy the freedoms and privileges that we are afforded today.

However, I am extremely disappointed in the lack of remembrance efforts for our veterans in Albion. In recent years, families of many local veterans had the opportunity to purchase banners to commemorate their family members who served our country. However, they were not displayed on the light poles during Memorial Day for all to see.

I’ve seen banners on display marketing the Strawberry Festival (both big and small), and I understand that those banners will be replaced with the ones for our veterans after the Strawberry Festival is over.

However, I think the importance of our veterans’ sacrifices is lost on the current village leadership, which is hard to fathom considering the newly elected mayor is a veteran himself and would foster this lack of appreciation.

I enjoy the Strawberry Festival like everyone else, but I think the promotion of the festival should wait a day or two as we pay respect to our local veterans. Some of them made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could enjoy our freedoms, so that we could put on festivals, and so that we could assemble as a community.

I hope that this error in judgement can be a lesson learned, and will be corrected moving forward.

Suzanne Sheldon-Bourke