Albion school district honors 14 retirees and the ‘Educator of the Year’

Photos courtesy of Albion Central School: Retiring teachers, staff and a long-time Board of Educator were recognized on June 3 by the school district.

Posted 15 June 2024 at 12:04 pm

Press Release, Albion Central School

ALBION – The school district recognized retiring employees and announced the 2023-24 Educator of the Year in June 3.

The annual ceremony and reception, held prior to the Board of Education meeting later that night, started with the recognition of board member David Sidari for his 25 years of service to the district.

Robin Bower was named the district’s “Educator of the Year.” She is shown with Mickey Edwards, the district superintendent.

Fourteen district employees were then honored for their dedication to Albion Central Schools. From District Office, Amy Castricone retired as the Registrar after 35 years and, from Buildings and Grounds, Kevin Hazel (custodian, 20 years), Valerie Daniels (cleaner, 17 years) and David Lowery (building maintenance worker, 7 years).

From the Elementary School, six retirees combined for 176 years of service. Those employees include Kelly Kovaleski (2nd grade teacher, 31 years) , Janice Scott (special education teacher, 34 years), Robin Bower (PACE teacher, 23 years), Tammorah Neal (teacher aide, 32 years), Susan Dick (teacher aide, 25 years), and Renee Liberti (teacher aide, 31 years).

The middle school says goodbye to Kym Metz (guidance counselor, 30 years) and Mary Jane Klips (6th grade teacher, 22 years).

High school retirees for this year include Melody Beecher (physical education teacher, 18 years) and Eric Christiansen (psychologist, 32 years).

Through their hard work and dedication, all 14 retirees worked hard to help guide future generations of learners along their path to success and imparted upon them the mission, vision and values of not just Albion School District, but the skills needed to be a good citizen. The district wishes everyone a long and happy retirement.

Mrs. Bower was also recognized as Educator of the Year. She started her teaching career at the elementary school as a 3rd grade teacher, moved to 5th grade for many years and has spent over the last decade as the PACE teacher. In addition to her role as a teacher in the classroom, Mrs. Bower has been involved in countless before- and after-school programs to enrich the educational experiences of our students. She has been especially active as the Safety Patrol Coordinator since 2015.

“Robin has been an integral part of our Elementary School team since 2001,” District Superintendent Mickey Edwards said. “We wish her a long and happy retirement.”

The annual reception was held in-person with honorees, families, friends, administrators and board members.