Albion scholar athletes recognized for fall sports

Staff Reports Posted 23 December 2018 at 5:47 pm

Photos courtesy of Albion Central School

ALBION – The New York State Public High School Athletic Association’s Scholar Athlete Team Award program has been created to recognize outstanding scholastic achievement by varsity level student athletes.

Five of Albion’s fall 2018 teams have earned this honor.  They are:  girls’ soccer, girls’ and boys’ cross country, volleyball, and golf. Boys’ soccer and football did not qualify for the team award but individual team members received the award by earning a GPA of at least 90.0.

The top photo shows members of the girls’ cross country team, which had a composite grade point average of 94.17. Bottom row (l-r): Avalina Hand, Allison Mathes, Emma Mathes and Alanna Holman. Top row: Ashley Ames, Tess Pettit, Trinity Allen and Madison Narburgh. Absent from photo: Alexa Adams, Avery Gaines and Lillian Mathes.

The girls’ soccer team had a 93.79 composite grade point average to qualify for the scholar-athlete award. Front row (l-r): Mayra Reyes Rosario, Brylie Hapeman, Alexis Bentley and Catherine Wolck. Middle row: Nicolina Creasey, Kaitlyn Kinter, Mariah Plain, Alexis Creasey and Claire Squicciarini. Top row: Leah Pritchard, Paige Derisley and Alyson Knaak. Absent from photo: Sydney Mulka and Chantel VanDeGenachte.

The golf team had a composite grade point average of 91.50 to qualify for the scholar-athlete award. Front row (l-r): James Beach and Nikolas Newton. Back row: Matthew Rowcliffe and Nicholas Perry. Absent from photo: Jacob Foote and Devin Olles.

The volleyball team had a composite grade point average of 92.41. Front row (l-r): Natalie Lathrop, Logan Conlon and Emani’ Poole. Back row:  Ashlyn LeBaron, Isabella Gibbs, Katelyn Spierdowis and Eowyn Pate. Absent from photo: Breanda Johnson, Sierra Newton, Rylee Pearles and Haley Smith.

The boys’ cross country scholar athletes had a 91.03 composite grade point average. They are (l-r): Jayden Allport, Rowan Ford, Joshua DePoty and Reuben Rivers. Absent from photo: Dyllan Beach.

Football individual athletes are pictured in the front row (l-r): Matthew Kovaleski, Ugene Harrison and Ryan Grandy. Back row: Thomas Furmanski, Cody Wilson and Bryce Pritchard. Absent from photo: Kirk Ellison.

Boys’ soccer individual athletes are pictured in the front row (l-r): Spencer Sietmann, Conner Hollenbeck, Angel Soto Rosario and Daniel Grabowski. Back row: Harrison Brown, Zachary Moore, Evan VanAmeron and Thomas Hollenbeck. Absent from photo: Payton Lake, Spencer Sietmann and Tre Yaskulski.

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