Albion resident surprised by letter from village, saying get new water meter or be sued

Posted 26 June 2019 at 7:58 am


I received a letter from the Village of Albion on Tuesday. Apparently new water meters are being installed. This was news to me. Perhaps this is old news to some. Perhaps others received the same letter today.

But what I find more interesting is that the letter essentially said that if I did not comply with getting this meter installed by July 31, I would be sued. I allegedly received “previous” notification about the installation of new meters, and it seems I ignored that notification.

This letter from the village did not say when or how I received this notification. Perhaps it was a news release I missed. Perhaps a certified letter that I tossed out. Maybe it was on my water bill?

Well, I can honestly say if I saw a request to get this meter installed, I would have done it. But my friendly reminder was, “do it or we will sue you.” So I guess I’m going to call and get my new meter installed. Why wouldn’t I?

I mean I get a new meter, and I don’t get sued. Oh and by the way the letter arrived one day after getting a receipt for my village taxes, paid in full. The irony is thick. I had just asked my wife, when I received the taxes paid receipt, “what exactly do we get with these taxes?” We get police protection, and fire protection, and…..ummm. ..oh right we get a new water meter, and we don’t get sued. Now I know why I live in the village, I think.


Ken Degnan