Albion PD warns of phone scam

Posted 13 December 2019 at 2:30 pm

Press Release, Albion Police Department

ALBION – The Albion Police Department today received a complaint from a citizen outside of the village, reporting that she received a phone call from an unknown phone number. The individual making the phone call claimed to be attempting to obtain payment and personal information from the citizen and the information was not given.

At that time, the citizen attempted to use an extension to speak with a separate representative and be removed from the call list but she was taken to an automated message that is believed to be the same message created by the Albion Police Department call receiving system.

The citizen was then forwarded to the same individual she originally spoke with, who then became extremely aggressive and began calling her names and the phone call was ended.

The Albion Police Department wishes that Village of Albion residents, as well as residents in the surrounding areas, contact APD at (585) 589-5627 if they receive a similar phone call. Residents should be vigilant when receiving any type of phone call where the caller is attempting to obtain any type of personal information, and not release any personal information in cases where the phone call seems suspicious in nature and to contact your local police agency.

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