Albion mayoral candidate responds to ‘cowardly’ letter, and wishes newly elected officials good luck

Posted 27 March 2018 at 8:07 pm


I received a letter with no return address and no signature inside. The message inside was that I should: 1) vote NO to dissolving the village,  2) NO police and DPW, 3) NO board seat for me, 4) Tell everyone you know to vote this way in the future.

I don’t know where or who this individual or coward is, but I did lose the election if they are not aware. They should be addressing their concerns with the newly elected administration. They are responsible for the fiscal health of this community and its survival.

Use of intimidation tactics indicates, clearly, this person has concerns. With increasing taxes and dwindling contingency funds, it will be interesting to see how the difficult decisions will be made and who will ultimately pay the price.

Congratulations to the new administration and prayers for your and our success the next four years.

Joyce Riley