Albion, Lyndonville-Medina musicals both are big winners at Stars of Tomorrow

Photos by Tom Rivers: Qasim Huzair plays the role of Uncle Fester in Lyndonville-Medina’s production of The Addams Family in March. Qasim won a “best supporting actor” award from the Stars of Tomorrow. The “Dancesters” in back also received a “Tip of the Hat” award.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 11 May 2018 at 11:01 am

Both named outstanding musicals, among many awards

ROCHESTER – Two high school musical productions in Orleans County were big winners Thursday night at the Stars of Tomorrow competition in Rochester, which recognizes the top school musicals in the Rochester area.

Albion and Lyndonville-Medina both won the top award for outstanding musical. Albion, which competes with many large suburban schools in Division B, performed Godspell on March 23-24 and Lyndonville-Medina, in Division D, performed The Addams Family from March 23-25.

Enoch Martin (Judas), Victor Benjovsky (Jesus) and Laiken Ricker (disciple) perform a high-energy song in Godspell, Albion’s musical in March.

Both programs won many other awards and five students from the two programs also advanced in an individual competition where the winner goes to the Jimmy Awards program in New York City in June.

Lyndonville-Medina won the following awards for The Addams Family:

• Outstanding musical

• Outstanding Dance Ensemble

• Outstanding Acting Ensemble

• Outstanding Orchestra

• Outstanding supporting actor for Brian Cunningham, Qasim Huzair and Jacob Corser

Christian Hahn, center, portrays Gomez Addams, the patriarch of the family. He is shown with Brian Cunningham, left, who portrayed Pugsley Addams and Cora Payne, who portrayed Gomez’s wife Morticia. The three all received awards for their performances.

• Outstanding leading actor for Christian Hahn

• Outstanding leading actress for Cora Payne and Layna Viloria.

• Future Stars – Meagan Hardner

• Special Recognition – Grace Masse and Miranda Lembcke

• Tip of the Hat – Ethan Bowie, Sarah Cochrane, Zayda Moyle and the Dancesters.

(Hahn, Huzair, Payne and Viloria advance to round 2 of the Stars on May 24.)

Albion won the following awards for Godspell:

• Outstanding Musical

• Outstanding Dance Ensemble

• Outstanding Singing Ensemble

• Outstanding Acting Ensemble

• Outstanding Orchestra

• Outstanding supporting actor for Enoch Martin

• “Tip of the Hat” recognitions from the adjudicators for Nate Grammatico, Riley Seielstad, Emma Tower, Sophia Zambito, Matt Kovaleski, Richard Flanagan, Miranda Smith and the Albion HS Special Olympics Club

(Enoch Martin advances to round 2 of the Stars on May 24.)

Sophia Zambito, left, and Riley Seielstad, center, both were recognized by judges.

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