Albion leaders should work to preserve historic buildings, magnificent architecture

Posted 2 June 2018 at 8:46 am


While reading the Lake Country Pennysaver last week, I came upon a post seeking bids for the dismantling of a significant, historic building in Albion, N.Y. After further reading of the post, I fear that this description matches the former Swan Library. I had wondered why the door and front sign of the building appear to now simply state the address which appears to be, perhaps, spray painted on.

While I do not live in Albion at the present time, I have lived in this area since birth (in the late 1950’s) and I do spend a great deal of time in “town”. The Albion that I see today, does not resemble the Albion of my youth.  So many grand homes and businesses have disappeared over the years.

While I understand that progress and profit seem to have become very important, I wonder when we will stop destroying our history and magnificent architecture to ensure both.

I only hope that those in charge of our community can see the significance of our past and try to preserve it so that Albion will not become an empty shell of its former self.


Eileen MPM Collins