Albion grandmother, a 2-time cancer survivor, needs prayers in latest health battle

Posted 14 April 2024 at 8:13 pm


In this little town of Albion, there’s a champion. My mother raised me while fighting rheumatoid arthritis. It crippled her hands and her feet. There were many days growing up I would wake up to her screaming in agony from being in pain from it. She would take Tylenol and Ibuprofen to barely take the pain away before going off to work.

Later on she discovered a small lump that would ended up being early stages of breast cancer. She fought and went through radiation and was cancer-free in the early 2000s. That same cancer returned with a vengeance when she was diagnosed stage 3 in 2019.

She fought that battle undergoing a partial mastectomy in early 2020 before the pandemic, while also undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and chemo pills. She finished radiation the summer of 2020 and was declared cancer-free again in 2021. She had told me by the time of her partial mastectomy the cancer was slowing progressing into stage 4.

I tell her almost every day to be proud of the warrior she is and the fact for not just being a two-time cancer survivor is that she gets out on her three-wheeled bike and rides all over town. She goes from her home here on Butts Road at her age of 72 after dealing with cancer and fighting crippling arthritis that has severely affected both her hands and her feet. If anyone has seen her around town riding she is the little lady that rides the red and white three-wheeled bike with the basket on the back with the dark-colored helmet.

The end of this little story is that same warrior that is my mother is currently in the hospital at her age fighting a battle with sepsis and some other serious issues. She has been in United Memorial Medical Center in Batavia to being transferred to Rochester General. She needs all the thoughts and prayers she can get it so she can come home to a family that misses her including a 5-year-old little boy that misses his grandma.

She’s got a heart of an eagle, that always finds a way to survive.

Aaron Vosburgh