Albion district honors retirees, names ‘Señor Nickerson’ as Educator of the Year

Photos courtesy of Mollie Radzinski/Albion Central School – Some of the school district retirees include, from left: Dawn Brower, Dawn Arnold, Eileen Whiting, Joan Adduci, Brad Nickerson, Julie Norman, Jodi Shaffer and Kim Nesbitt.

Posted 8 June 2022 at 4:38 pm

Press Release, Albion Central School

ALBION – Albion Central School District recognized its retiring employees and announced the 2021-2022 Educator of the Year at its annual reception held prior to the Board of Education meeting on Monday.

The ceremony started with recognition of board president Kathy Harling. She resigned effective on Tuesday. (Linda Weller will serve as acting president until June 30. The new board terms start on July 1.)

Brad Nickerson was honored as the district’s “Educator of the Year.”

Twelve district employees were then honored for their dedication to the school district. Serving all three schools and countless events, Kevin Smith Jr. is retiring as AV Equipment Technician after 22 years of service.

From the elementary school, five retirees combined for 105 years of service. Those employees include Dawn Arnold (kindergarten teacher, 30 years), Patricia Levandowski (first grade teacher, 17 years), Joan Adduci (monitor, 25 years), Eileen Whiting (monitor, 12 years) and Tracy Barrile (monitor, 21 years).

The middle school says goodbye to Jodi Shaffer (library media specialist, 31 years), Julie Norman (typist, 30 years) and Dawn Brower (teacher aide, 17 years).

High school retirees for this year are Bradford Nickerson, Jr. (Spanish teacher, 31 years), Kim Nesbitt (art teacher, 18 years) and Linda Lewis (secretary, 30 years).

All twelve retirees filled the building halls with kindness, compassion and care and will be sorely missed. The district wishes all a long and happy retirement.

The Educator of the Year also was recognized at the June reception. Retiree Nickerson, commonly referred to as señor, was honored with the distinction. He wrote in his application to teach in Albion that, “I strive to keep learning Spanish fun. My classes are creative and well-organized.”

Anyone who has had the privilege to see his classes in action knows that he fills students with creative lessons and he deeply cares for all. In  addition to his regular classes, Nickerson advises the high school Spanish Club, has served as Language Department Chair and has chaperoned numerous trips around the globe.

The annual reception was held in-person with honorees, families, friends, administrators and board members. All retirees received a gift and a book to be dedicated in their name to one of the school’s libraries.

Mickey Edwards, the district superintendent, congratulates Kathy Harling on her service to the district, including the past three years as board president.

Margy Brown, a member of the Albion Board of Education, hugs retiring art teacher Kim Nesbitt. Other board members in the photo include John Kast and Linda Weller.