Albion Correctional Facility training dogs to prepare them for adopted homes

Posted 29 October 2021 at 10:07 am

Provided photos: Two teams of three incarcerated individuals are training dogs in a program that is a partnership between the Albion Correctional Facility and PAWS Animal Shelter.

Press Release, Albion Correctional Facility

ALBION – In collaboration with PAWS Animal Shelter, Albion Correctional Facility has been able to bring back the much-adored Canine Training Program.

We welcomed two dogs, Moxie (mastiff) and Tex (lab-mix), on August 9th from PAWS Animal Shelter in Albion. Two teams of three incarcerated individuals care for and train the dogs for approximately 12 weeks. This training is done under the support and supervision of a community volunteer and certified trainer, Tom Ryan.

Throughout the 12 weeks, Moxie and Tex are learning obedience training and socialization skills, making them more suitable for adoption. The incarcerated individual handlers have come a long way with their grasp of training and have helped the dogs come from almost no training, to mastering a number of different training techniques.

The program not only helps the dogs, but it also provides secondary social/emotional benefits to the incarcerated individuals.

Moxie, left, and Tex are taking obedience training from incarcerated individuals at the Albion Correctional Facility.

PAWS has been working hand in hand with the facility, ensuring that the dogs are properly cared for and through our time with them, we have nurtured a relationship that grows every day. We look forward to a long partnership with PAWS with this set of dogs and hopefully many more to come.

The graduation of Moxie and Tex is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 15, and they will be ready for their Forever Home that day.

The Canine program is having a positive impact on the facility environment, staff and population. The individuals working in the program have an opportunity to do something positive for others and the dogs. These lessons will be beneficial when the time comes for them to re-enter the community

Patty Coffee, along with dedicated staff, and the PAWS Shelter operate a wonderfully run shelter and have nothing but the best care for all of the animals they take in. Not only are Moxie and Tex going to be available for adoption, but there are many more animals cared for by PAWS that need to find their forever homes.  If you are interested in adopting Moxie or Tex, or any of the shelter animals, applications are available at